1. Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Introduction of Data-Warehousing Concepts
  • Schema Models
  • OLAP Models and brief explanation on ROLAP and MOLAP
  • Identification of Dimensions and Facts and create the Model to build cubes based on Real-Scenarios
  • Introduction to Hyperion Tools and Advantages
  • Essbase Architecture and Flow of Development Life Cycle of Essbase Cubes
  • Essbase Installation and Configuration Procedure
  1. Essbase Storage Properties
  • Essbase Terminology and Family Tree Relationships
  • Introduction of Database Design
  • Data Storage Properties
  • Time Balance and Expense Reporting Properties
  • UDAS, Attribute and Alternate Hierarchies
  • Introduction to ASO and BSO Options
  • Creating Essbase Applications and Databases
  • Understanding the Time, Scenario and Measures Dimension Concepts
  • Creating and building the dimensions rule files using Essbase Administration Services Console
  • Loading the data in Different Methods
  • Consolidation Operators
  • Duplicate Member Name Support
  1. Essbase Cube Implementation from Scratch
  • Creating Standard and Attribute Hierarchies
  • Creating Accounts Hierarchies
  • ETL Operations while Rule File Building
  • Dimensional and Data Loading using Interface tables and Flat Files
  1. BSO Cube Implementation
  • Dense and Sparse Concept, Block Structure
  • Data Storage Properties
  • Calculation Scripts
  • Hour-Glass Method Importance
  • Design and  Optimization Technique
  • Partitions and there types
  1. ASO Cube Implementation
  • Aggregations
  • ASO Physical Structure
  • Table space and Restructuring
  • MDX Scripts
  • Design and Optimization
  1. Scripts
  • Automation of Cube Loading using MaxL Scripts
  • Report Scripts
  1. Security and Administration
  • Introduction to Shared Services Console
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Assign Cube and Filter Access to Groups
  • Essbase Config, Server and Application Log Files
  • Locks and Sessions
  • Backup and Recovery Methods
  • Introduction to Life Cycle Management and Usage
  1. Introduction to Excel-Addin and Smart View
  • Accessing Cubes using Essbase Excel-Addin and generate Reports
  • Performing Adhoc Analysis using Smart View Tool
  • Various Options that is available in Essbase Excel-Addin and Smart-View Tools