Overview of Java Enterprise Edition

  • What is Java EE?
  • Open and Standard-based
  • Multi-tier
  • Web-Enabled
  • Server Centric
  • Component-Based Distributed Architecture
  • Enterprise Applications
  • J2EE architecture and Java EE Contents and Services

Overview of JBOSS Application Server

  • JBOSS Organization
  • JBOSS AS Background
  • Highlights of JBOSS AS
  • What is new in JBOSS AS 5 and 6 ?
  • JBOSS AS Architecture
  • JBOSS Micro container Layer
  • Services Layer, Aspect Layer, Application Layer
  • JBOSS AS Services and Requirements

Installation and configuration of JBOSS AS

  • Getting and Installing Java
  • Configuring Java
  • Getting JBOSS AS
  • Installing JBOSS AS 5
  • JBOSS Directory Structure

Controlling the Life-Cycle of JBOSS AS

  • Starting JBOSS AS
  • Verifying JBOSS AS Startup
  • Stopping JBOSS AS
  • Starting From a Remote Server

Deployments on JBOSS

  • Java EE Deployment Lifecycle
  • Deployment Descriptors
  • Deployment on JBOSS AS
  • Deployers on JBOSS AS
  • Deployment Dependencies
  • Hot vs. Cold Deployment
  • Bootstrapping JBOSS

Web Application Administration

  • Web Technologies
  • CGI vs. Servlets/JSPs
  • Tomcat Web Container
  • Tomcat's server.xml
  • Tomcat's web.xml
  • Session Configuration, Serving Static Content, Virtual Hosting with Tomcat, Web Access Logging
  • JNDI Administration

Java Naming and Directory Interface

  • JNDI in Java EE

JMX Administration

  • What is JMX , Why JMX?
  • JMX Architecture, JMX on JBOSS AS
  • JMX Console , Web Console, Twiddle Tool
  • JBOSS AS Administration Console
  • JBOSS Monitoring
  • Monitoring with JConsole
  • Lab: Monitoring

Database Integration on JBOSS

  • Steps Involved
  • Resource Requirement
  • Install JDBC Drivers
  • Define a RDBMS DBCP Resource
  • Map our Resource
  • Using our DataSource (RDBMS DBCP)
  • Hypersonic Database
  • Detecting Connection Leaks
  • Lab: Database Connectivity

Creating multiple instance on singe Machine

Security on JBOSS

  • Securing Applications
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Plain-Text Login Module
  • Database Login Module
  • FORM-based Login
  • Configuring JBOSS AS for SSL
  • Creating SSL Certificates
  • Configure SSL Connector
  • Testing SSL Configuration
  • Requiring SSL in Apps
  • Lab: Application Security
  • Securing JBOSS AS

Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting in JBOSS

  • JVM , Tomcat ,Log4j and other services Tuning
  • Slimming JBOSS
  • Troubleshooting the production issues w.r.t JBOSS and Web server
  • Taking thread dump and heap dumps to analyzing the issues

Web server

  • Installation of Apache web server
  • Configuration of Web server
  • Types of virtual hosting
  • Overview of httpd.conf file

High Availability and Scalability on JBOSS

  • Requirements of Clustering: General understanding, Clustering and JBOSS
  • Simple Web Architecture, External Load Balancer Architecture, Smart Proxy Architecture
  • General configuration for the following examples
  • Fronting with a Web Server with Apache HTTPD
  • Installing and Configuring mod_jk
  • Simple Load Balancing
  • Enabling Sticky Sessions
  • Clustered Session Replication, Clustering Single Sign-On, Clustering with HA-JNDI
  • Clustering with Stateless Session Beans, Clustering with Stateful Session Beans