Inventory Overview

  • Inventory Overview
  • Inventory Capabilities
  • Oracle Inventory Applications Integration
  • Integration of Oracle Inventory to Financials Applications

Receipt to Issue

  • Understanding the Receipt to Issue Lifecycle
  • Understanding Receiving Inventory

Defining Inventory Organizations

  • Understanding the Inventory Organizations
  • Understanding the Structure of an Inventory Organization
  • Understanding Locations
  • Defining Locations
  • Difference between Master and Child Organization
  • Defining Inventory Organizations
  • Organization Access Overview
  • Organization Access Setup
  • Copying Inventory Organizations

Units of Measure

  • Units of Measure Overview
  • Units of Measure Class Overview
  • Defining Unit of Measure Class
  • Defining Unit of Measure
  • Defining Unit of Measure Conversions
  • Lot Level Units of Measure Overview
  • Lot-Level Unit of Measure Conversions Overview

Transacting Inventory, Concepts

  • Explaining Transaction Flows
  • Explaining Transaction Types
  • Explaining Move Orders
  • Explaining Shortage Alerts and Notifications
  • Explaining Mobile Transactions

Transaction Setup

  • Explaining Transaction Sources
  • Setting Up Transactions Sources
  • Explaining Transaction Types
  • Setting Up Transactions Types
  • Explaining Transaction Reasons
  • Setting Up Transactions Reasons
  • Explaining Account Alias
  • Setting Up Account Alias
  • Open Inventory Account Periods

Issuing and Transferring Material

  • Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Subinventory Transfers

Move Order

  • Explaining Move Order
  • Creating Manual Move Order
  • Creating Requisition Move Order
  • Requisition Move Order Approval Process
  • Creating Pick Wave Move Order
  • Creating Replenish Move Order

Defining and Maintaining Items, Overview

  • Organization Structure, Overview
  • Defining Items, Overview
  • Item Attributes and Statuses, Overview
  • Assigning Items to Organizations, Overview

Defining and Maintaining Items, Fundamentals

  • Defining Items
  • Item Relationships
  • Item Categories
  • Item Category Sets
  • Item Cross References


  • Subinventory Overview
  • Defining Subinventory
  • Restrict Items to Subinventories
  • Inventory Controls, Concepts
  • Explaining Locator Control
  • Explaining Revision Control
  • Explaining Lot Control
  • Explaining Serial Control

Inventory Controls, Fundamentals

  • Defining Subinventories
  • Defining Locator Control
  • Defining Revision Control
  • Defining Lot Control
  • Generating Serial Numbers

Inter-Org Transfer

  • Shipping Methods
  • Shipping Network
  • Transit times for Shipping Methods
  • Entering inter-org transfer charge
  • Entering Freight Charges
  • Direct Inter-Organisation Transfer
  • Intransit/Standard Inter-Organisation Transfer

Replenishing Inventory, Fundamentals

  • Performing Reorder-point Planning
  • Performing Min-max Planning
  • Performing Replenishment Counting

Inventory Accuracy, Concepts

  • Explaining Inventory Accuracy
  • Explaining ABC Analysis
  • Explaining Cycle Counting
  • Explaining Physical Inventory

Inventory Accuracy, Fundamentals

  • Creating an ABC Compile
  • Defining and Maintaining a Cycle Count
  • Defining Cycle Count Scheduling and Requests
  • Defining Recounts, Adjustments, and Approvals