Overview Generic Introduction :

  • Vistex is a third-party tool developed by Vistex Inc.  Which was founded in early 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, USA, Vistex solutions have been developed to cater special business needs based on different Industry.
  • It is an embedded SAP Add-On; it is NOT an external application. In other words, it sits on top of ECC itself and which means there is no system interface development (ECC-Vistex). The most recent release of the Vistex is IP.v 6.0D and just like ECC, It has a different set of objects and tables.
  • It is best suited to handle complex calculation like processing rebates, sales commissions, Bill backs, chargeback and Price deals in ECC and Incentives and Paybacks (IP) Module have been branded as Global Solution Extension Product by SAP, licensed and supported by SAP through the SAP Service Marketplace since mid-2004.
  • With the Incentives and Paybacks (IP) Module, the concept of an 'order to cash' process has been extended and an additional document - IP (Incentive and Payback) document is introduced and there is no need to include calculation for rebate, chargeback and sales incentive at Billing document.
  • This concept covers all possible scenarios that a business is typically challenged with during its purchases and sales activities and the following sub-modules are included in the IP module
  • SAP VISTEX TRAINING helps a manufacturer or a distributor, you can benefit from implementing the SAP Paybacks and Chargeback’s application by Vistex.
  • SAP Paybacks and Chargeback helps you streamline chargeback processes, reduce errors, validate claims, reduce disputes, prevent overpayments, and achieve extensive savings in labour costs.
  • Want to enhance sales, improve production, and build customer satisfaction, while awarding incentives for your best employees.
  • The popularity of incentive compensation programs continues to grow as companies discover that these powerful motivational instruments not only boost bottom-line revenue, but also provide a strategic tool to help you align business activities with business objectives.
  • The SAP Incentive Administration application by Vistex supports a variety of incentive agreements and programs u2013 from simplest to most complex.
  • SAP Incentive Administration integrates seamlessly with your SAP software to provide robust administration, analysis, and reporting capabilities.
  • By joining SAP Vistex Training you can focus on powerful application enables you to efficiently manage commissions and other incentive programs.
  • You can set targets and quotas u2013 and monitor actual results against your budget by joining SAP Vistex Training.
  • SAP Incentive Administration is fully integrated with and embedded in your SAP software environment.
  • The application provides extensive tools for analysing incentive programs and reporting results.
  • As a valuable strategic resource, SAP Incentive Administration enables you to leverage incentive programs so you can align your business processes with your business objectives.

Scope of SAP Vistex Training:

  • Vistex Modules: Both Business Processes and System Processes
  • Agreement: we cover both the configuration and customization.
  • Agreement Request: it is preceding sale to agreement, where you can open the agreement request to the third party.
  • IP Document: in this you have both customization and configuration. Along with the three levels such as header levels, item levels and associated profiles.
  • Composite Plans: it is very important.
  • Account Assignment: it an key link that connect Vistex document to FI.
  • Accrual configurations
  • Settlement
  • Reporting

Vistex provides valuable solutions to organization that operates in one of the following sectors:

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Consumer and Commercial Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Industrial Machinery and Components
  • High Tech and Electronics
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail

Benefits of Vistex Solution:-

  • Provides unprecedented visibility into the breadth and depth of go-to-market programs and enabling businesses with insightful information that drive revenue, control costs and increase margins.
  • Accelerate cash flow and reduce vendor receivables by eliminating errors,disputes, delays and Reduce administrative labor overhead costs.
  • Streamline maintenance of master data that drive business transactions
  • Serving businesses of all sizes worldwide across a spectrum of industries
  • Automation of claims and payouts

SAP Vistex Training Training Details:

  • Course Name: SAP Vistex Training course
  • Course Duration:  25 Hours
  • Mode: Online classes and corporate
Benefits of SAP Vistex Training at Trainingicon
  • Scenario Oriented SAP Vistex Training 
  • Materials and server For SAP Vistex Training 
  • Access For Hands-On
  • Customized Course Agenda for SAP Vistex Training 
  • Live-Support during SAP Vistex Training  Sessions Hours

Overview & Discussion

Vistex Overview & its modules

SAP IP Module Overview

Transaction Data used in Vistex

Vistex standard business processes for IP sub-modules

  • Customer Rebate
  • Purchase Rebate
  • Chargeback
  • Billback
  • Sales Incentive

Configuration & Hands on Training includes

Pricing Condition Technique used in Vistex – Condition Table, Condition Type, Condition Type Group

Agreement Workbench – Sales Pricing Agreement, Agreement Type

IP Document Workbench – IP Document Type, Header & Item Control Criteria

Accrual Profile

Settlement Profile

SD-Vistex & Vistex-FI Integration Points

Additional covered topics with main configuration or overview

Agreement Request Workbench configuration

IP Partner determination configuration

Claims overview

Number Ranges used in Vistex

Outputs in Vistex configuration

  • Output used in Agreement
  • Correspondence used in IP Documents

Deployment Codes and components along with Calculation Run Type (Overview with some configuration settings)

Logistics Information System overview for Vistex

Understanding on various Vistex Processing Models

  • Transactional Model (Hands on)
  • Composite Model (Overview)

Major tables & programs and mass processing t-codes used for Vistex